An intergalactic office comedy about the twelve zodiac Signs
working as the event planners in the lives of every person on Earth.



Celestial Circumstances is an intergalactic office comedy about the twelve Zodiac Signs who make up the disgruntled, emotional, hard-working team of employees tasked with planning the events for every person on Earth. To them, it’s just another menial day job, but their fights and banters, highs and lows, good days and bad days, have hilarious, far-reaching consequences. Between the monotony of their day-to-day, balancing the egos at corporate, and Mercury inevitably going in and out of retrograde, the twelve Signs have their work cut out for them, and whether they like it or not, the outcome of their day affects the lives of entire planet.

Every episode is a day in the life of the office: the Gemini twins delegate conflicting tasks to the team, a glitch in the scheduling systems sends Virgo into a spiral, Taurus and Sagittarius compete to ask Scorpio out even though they’re both a little terrified of her. Throughout each episode, there can be smashcuts to Earth (a la Bojack Horseman), illustrating the Signs’ effects on the humans they influence.


 BoJack Horseman meets The Office


 …but in space.


 What Makes This Show Unique?

While the concept of this show may seem a little out there, Celestial Circumstances is meant to explore how even our most mundane actions affect others, in the short- and long-term. To these office workers, their jobs are boring and meaningless, but their work, their moods, and their mistakes deeply affect the lives of all the people on Earth. We can explore this in their personal and professional relationships not only with the characters in the immediate vicinity, but even with the Earthlings whose lives they plan.





An Aries ram. Lives by the motto, “work hard, play hard.” She always runs the group activities and loves working on huge cosmic events. You’d be hard pressed to find someone more competitive and gregarious.



A Taurus bull. Needs everything to go his way. Highly creative, outdoorsman, has a collection of knives and camping tents, always exercising during lunch, and falls in love deeply and immediately. Deals with customer service.



Identical twins. Boy, are they a roller coaster. Always too busy, love to gossip, in a great mood one minute and furious the next. Totally indecisive with both personal and business matters. They are a chatty, gregarious pair, and deal with the company’s PR.




A Cancer crab. The receptionist (and mom) of the office. She’s been there the longest, but is a little paranoid and cries very easily. She manages the smaller, day-to-day tasks. Her desk is full of things…pictures, paintings, trinkets. Bit of a hoarder.



A Leo lioness. Loves being the center of attention and unapologetically makes everything about her. However, she is a born leader and is widely loved, taking point on the bigger events.



A Virgo nerd and the office manager. Your basic Type A personality. She spreadsheets, she journals, she lists. Everything about her is organized and she doesn’t mess around, but her love life is ridiculously non-existent, even though she has a big crush on Gem.




A Libra soul, and wisest of the bunch. He’s very quiet, fair to a fault, and madly in love with his wife. A more beloved Toby Flenderson, if Toby had the gumption to be the boss.



A Scorpio(n). A little mysterious which is maybe why she’s incredibly sexy. She speaks her mind without hesitation, and although she’s nice, she’s very intense, and everyone’s a little scared of her. Great at keeping secrets. Probably a lawyer but no one is really sure what she does.



A Sagittarius archer. Kind of a lunatic. Blunt to a fault, but extremely funny and likable, he’s the hippest and the scrappiest one in the office. Runs social media. He has a crazy active social life, which is maybe why he’s always carrying his backpack, but no one is sure.




A Capricorn goat. Handles the budgets. A bit of a nerd. In his world, there is no nuance, just pragmatic logic. Independent and ambitious, always trying to reach his next goal.



An Aquarian water-bearer. In HR. Always coming up with fun, one-of-a-kind ideas. Easy to talk to, everyone’s best friend especially Caspian, but not here for drama or mushy stuff.



A Pisces fish. Extremely sensitive and empathetic. Somewhat of a tortured artist. Takes care of graphic design, although he often takes too long with his work. Loves to doodle. All the women go to him about their feelings and he’s not sure why.


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the geminis ruin Christmas

This installment takes place the morning after the office Christmas party, where the Gemini twins went nuts partying with Mercury from corporate (aka. The Solar System) and are a little worse for the wear. The office gets word that communications on Earth are off: flights delayed, packages not delivered, families fighting, and they realize no one has seen Mercury that day. Eventually the twins go to check on him and realize he’s still asleep and drifting backwards: essentially, he is in retrograde and this is all their fault. They drag him to the office, and Earth is restored once again.


party fail

Giles, the Capricorn accountant, arrives at the office expecting everyone to remember his birthday even though the office holiday party is that night, and no one does. He tries to drop hints all day, especially about what a rager Sagittarius’ birthday was, even though it rendered all of Earth incapacitated with joy for the whole day. No one really cares much until Neysa, our Virgo office manager realizes the mistake and orchestrates a “surprise party” for him that night, and convinces him that it was planned all along.


OFFICE bonding

Everyone in the office is tasked with suggesting a bonding exercise for the office’s HR workshop, and they are grouped by element. They all make insane suggestions, and as tensions rise, chaos ensues on Earth. Eventually Akrab, our Libra boss, ends up choosing Virgo’s idea, just like every year. It’s boring but at least Earth is restored to normal.



Tavi attempts to ask Kallie out, but is a little terrified of her. He asks Lea for help. He’ll invite her to bowling--- that’s fun, who doesn’t love bowling? Lea thinks it’s a terrible idea. She thinks he should invite her on a romantic date, with food and wine and jazz music. Sultry and sexy. Tavi finally asks Kallie out on this lavish, romantic date. Kallie, silent, doesn’t seem interested. As Tavi’s confidence falls, so too does the stock market on Earth. As a Hail Mary, Tavi proposes bowling. Kallie agrees and walks away, leaving Tavi thrilled, and the stock market surging.



Caspian is tasked with delivering new graphics to Archie to post on their social media page for an upcoming holiday promotion, and Caspian knows what that means. Archie is blunt and impossible to please. He won’t let it get to him this time.

Caspian pores over several ideas, but each one he presents to Archie just isn’t right. Finally, Caspian reaches a breaking point and has a meltdown at Luna’s desk, where he knows he’ll be comforted. Flash to Earth where Bruce Willis, (a famous Pisces) proceeds to have his own meltdown on set and doesn’t know why. Caspian doodles while Luna comforts him. Archie walks by and notices the doodles - they’re perfect!



For the first day of fall, aka when “Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Lattes” come back, Ari and Giles head to the breakroom to make themselves some pale imitation of the Starbucks treat. They’re having a pleasant conversation when Akrab comes in and asks for some coffee as well. Ari pours him a cup of regular coffee, but Akrab notices Giles making himself the lavish latte with the espresso machine and prefers that.

Ari’s competitive streak goes into full gear, and for the rest of the day, Ari competes with Giles over innocuous things: walking faster than him to the bathroom, raising her hand first during a meeting, taking bigger bites of her lunch. Giles picks up on the competition and beats her every time. Finally, Ari answers Giles’ ringing phone before he can, but has to pass it back because she doesn’t know anything about accounting. But….. she still won.