A buddy comedy about two high school besties
who time travel through their shared Instagram account.

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The Timeless Adventures of Millie & Louise is a buddy comedy following the adventures of Millie and Louise, two high school besties who time travel to different historical eras through their shared Instagram account. Consider their iPhone a lamp, and Instagram (aka. Iggy) to be their genie.

Being a teenager is tough, between finishing term papers, fighting with dumb parents, and keeping your love notes from slipping into the wrong locker, so these two dorks are glad they found their other half. Through travels aboard the Titanic, hiding out in the Trojan Horse, or dancing at a ball with Henry VIII and his wife du jour, the girls find that what they learn from the past is tailor-made to help them through their present.

They always learn a valuable lesson or tidbit from their journeys, and invariably leave their mark on history with their presence - how else do you think Apollo 8 ignited their engines on Christmas Day, 1968 while disconnected from mission control? The girls pushing the spaceship towards Earth, of course!


 The Fairly Oddparents meets
Back to the Future

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 What Makes This Show Unique?

We particularly like writing buddy comedies with smart, adventurous girls who are empowered through their own devices (in this case, a literal device) to explore, learn, and grow. Using Instagram as their doorway to other worlds and time periods opens up a good opportunity to start a conversation about social, political, environmental, and economic events, both past and current, with a new generation, and encouraging them to make decisions today to have a positive impact on their future.


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Adventurous, curious, extroverted, regularly puts her foot in her mouth. The first to accept any dare. Clumsy, but confident. Sees the positive side in everything and everyone. A fierce friend. Her parents are lawyers from Mexico City who would prefer their daughter were a bit more studious like her older sister, Bex, and a little less, well, theatrical. Millie’s full name is Maria Emilia, but only Louise knows that. And anyway, Millie plans to change it to “Amelia” like her hero, Amelia Earhart, as soon as she’s old enough. Her parents never have to know.

Current obsessions: Her drama class and Trevor With The Good Hair from chemistry.

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Organized, cautious, considerate, thinks before she speaks. A quiet leader. Beneath her shy exterior is an inquisitive intellectual who thrives when called upon to solve the problems and puzzles that she and Millie encounter on their travels. When Louise was six, she and her mom, Kathy, moved to LA from Kentucky. Her and Millie have been besties since. And now that she’s older, Louise is starting to realize that she might not just idolize Bex, like Millie does. She might her? When the time is right, she should probably bring it up to Millie. But not yet.

Current obsessions: Stage managing the school play and Millie’s older sister, Bex.


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Iggy is what you might call a genie, what Instagram would be like if it were a person, (but, like, the best version of that). The smartphone she lives in - think an iPhone 4 - is her lamp. Enthusiastic, daring, worldly; a limitless bevy of knowledge about history, like a “woke” Ms. Frizzle. Somewhere between a guide and a cheerleader. Or both. She loves the freedom of exploring new worlds, traditions, and cultures, and wants to share it with whoever is in possession of the phone. So far, Millie and Louise are her favorites. When she knows of the perfect historical someone or something they can learn from, Iggy pops up in their notifications with an exciting adventure for the girls to go on.


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The girls are assigned a secret Santa in class. Millie is assigned her crush and with Iggy’s suggestions and Louise’s help, she decides to go get The Beatles to sign a record for him. Although they get separated in a crowd and almost lose the record, they succeed in meeting the guys, and off the cuff end up giving them the idea for “Let It Be”. The episode ends with a freeze on their Instagram post (they have to post to return back to the present): a selfie of them with the Beatles behind them looking confused.




The girls have a science project due tomorrow about “modern miracles” and they still have no ideas, but Iggy does. She transports them back in time to Christmas Day 1968 on the Apollo 8, the first flight to the dark side of the Moon, where they end up helping nudge the spaceship back towards Earth when it loses touch with Mission Control. Back at school, they make their presentation, a home run, complete with a selfie from outside the spaceship and the added bonus of everyone being so impressed with their “photoshop” abilities.




Millie is tasked with preparing the latkes for her family’s huge party for the first night of Hanukkah, and she just wants to hang out with Louise, who is excited to be invited even if she still really doesn’t know what Hanukkah is about. Iggy takes them back to the second Temple in Ancient Jerusalem where Millie accidentally knocks over a flask of oil causing a domino effect on several, leaving the priests with only one to use. They witness the first lighting of the menorah, and meet a young page who works in the Temple, who is just excited to be there to help. They quickly return to the present, and suddenly, Millie feels like being a little more helpful.


THE GIRLS help george washington cross the delaware river on christmas


Louise shares the German tradition of St. Nicholas’ Day with Millie and it gives Iggy a great idea for an adventure: crossing the Delaware with George Washington to make his famous attack on the British and Hessian troops. Millie and Louise realize what a difficult attack it was to make due to weather and other insane conditions, and when they run into Washington debating whether to turn back they encourage him to go on even if it means that some of Louise’s German ancestors might be lost; they don’t want to alter history. As the girls realize their phone is dying they share a piece of their chocolate with him and just as they step back through the portal, they glance back to see him rallying his troops. Of course once they arrive at school the next day, what subject are they covering in history? The amazing and shocking attack from Dec 25, 1776.





Millie’s older sister and a senior in high school. Editor of the school newspaper and aspiring journalist. Can be found passionately debating historical government policy in the hallways. Wears her Mexican heritage like a badge of honor, and waves her acceptance to Yale like a flag. Fluent in Spanish. Full name: Maria Rebecca, and proud of it.

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TREVOR, with the good hair

The more desirable of the Chapman twins, complete with a twinkle in his eye and a Crest-white smile. Too invested in his sports, studies, and self-care to notice Millie’s raging crush. If he looked up from a book long enough to notice, he might realize he probably reciprocates.


“trevor” with the bad haiR

Millie and Louise’s nemesis. A know-it-all and Trevor’s identical twin brother, who no one likes because he’s a jerk. His name also isn’t actually “Trevor,” but Millie and Louise know it irritates him to be second-favorite of the twins, and he hates when they don’t call him by his real name, which is Gilbert. Always challenging the girls in conversations, but they can handle themselves. And him.


Kathy Dixon

Louise’s mom. A fierce mama bear. She and Louise are thick as thieves, but she gives tough love when necessary. Kathy is clear and transparent; she has to be, she’s a lawyer. Best friends with Millie’s mom; they work at the same firm.


Marco and Carmela Amada

Millie’s parents. Both Jewish from Mexico City. High school sweethearts and partners in the same firm. Moved to Los Angeles for work when Bex was a baby. Strict and disciplined, they’re at a loss for what to do with their youngest’s rebellious energy. After all, their parenting techniques worked so well the first time. Que sera, sera.

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Mr. Gleeson

Sunnyside High School’s esteemed and long-standing photography teacher. An artiste. Eager to share the stories from his youth, when he was a traveling photojournalist for Rolling Stone Magazine. A proud advocate for Millie and Louise’s superb “photoshop” skills on their shared Instagram account. Little does he know...


Miss Andrews

If Julia Child taught theater to high schoolers, this would be her. After pursuing acting in New York for nearly twenty years - and a full eight month run of the Off-Broadway hit, Cinderfella - Ms. Andrews knows everything there is to know about THE THEATAH. At least she thinks she does, which is what makes actual-know-it-all Louise such a thorn in her side sometimes. It’s okay; these LA kids don’t know what it means to really hustle.



The Amada family live-in housekeeper, but as close to family as you can get. An older woman with a spirit centuries years old. She treats Bex and Millie like her own daughters, and Louise too, for that matter. A steady and nurturing force of love for the girls. She speaks only Spanish, forcing Millie to do the same in her presence. And even though Louise knows only a few words, somehow, magically, she can always understand everything Tati says to her. It’s uncanny.





It’s the end of school, and Louise is nervous to give the class speech at graduation. Iggy sends them back to help Joan of Arc overcome her crippling stage fright before delivering a speech to her army. When the theater tricks that Millie attempts to teach Joan don’t work, it’s up to Louise to deliver the speech and rile up the troops.

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At the school’s annual County Fair, the girls are in charge of the hot dog stand, a fundraiser for Homecoming. The shop teacher is their faculty advisor, going on and on about his pet hobby which is fixing up his 1958 convertible. When they find themselves at the World’s Fair of 1893 in Chicago, the Ferris Wheel won’t start, to the horror of George Washington Gale Ferris Jr. The girls save the day using lessons they learned earlier from the shop teacher.



Picasso gives the girls a tour of the Louvre in Paris, 1911. But when Millie accidentally knocks over the Mona Lisa, the girls have to time travel back to Da Vinci’s studio in 1503 and ask that he fix the “Mona Lisa,” which he still calls “La Gioconda.” Believing them to be muses, Da Vinci obliges, and renames his piece. Meanwhile, Picasso is accused of stealing the painting until they return.


great wall of china

Millie and Louise are enjoying a delicious lunch of Tatiana’s delicious tacos, rice, and beans while they work on homework, but their paper on the Great Wall of China is harder than they thought. Iggy transports them, rice bowls in hand, to 300 B.C. where Emperor Qin Shi Huang is overseeing construction of the wall. His workers are struggling to keep the stones to stick together, but Louise has an idea: stick some rice in the mixture. To everyone’s delight, it works!



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